Fitbit Charge 6 (by Google)

May I please make the request to support the Fitbit Charge 6? The Fitbit Charge 6 does support 3rd party apps and has both spO2 and HR Sensors. This would be perfect for Sleep As Android to be able to sync with.
I love the Sleep As Android app and wish that you could expand the range of Fitbit devices that you support.

Hello @Christopher_B many thanks, I’m waiting for my collegue @jiri-urbandroid to hand me over some store details and we will look into this…

Hey, just wondering if you have any more information on whether support for this device can be expected?

Hi @rskuipers, sadly, this does not depend on us… For any integration, we need an open API. And FitBit only provides API for a few models. The Charge line has never had public-facing API, so I am afraid they do not plan to open the platform. I really wish I had a better reply, we can only hope Google will reconsider.

Thanks for the quick reply. I still went and bought it but here’s to hoping that google decides to improve it and open it up somehow.

You can combine the phone’s sensors and HR from the wearable - in that case, configure:
Settings → Sleep tracking → Wearables → Wearable → NONE
Settings → Sleep tracking → Wearables → Smart Bluetooth→ enabled

Our chances Google will change the decision are not very high, but we still hope :slight_smile:

Hi @petr-urbandroid / @lenka-urbandroid / all,

Just wondering: if Fitbit Charge 6 heart rate can be shared with gym equipment, wouldnt it be possible to have it shared with Sleep as Android as well? Wouldnt it be the same API?

Reference link:


Hi @HoneyBadger, do you get HR data, if you enable Settings > Sleep tracking > Wearables > Bluetooth smart?
We use GATT Heart Rate Profile, which is supported by the majority of wearables, even if the wearable itself if not compatible.