Fitbit Charge 5

Are there any plans to add this into a family?

Hello @Liukas6, we can only integrate FitBits wich allow to install apps such as Ionic, Versa or Sense… But the other FitBits there is no API to access the sensors… sorry

Hi, @petr-urbandroid . Strange. In fitbit forums they affirm, that their API is open to everybody :frowning:

It is important to note the difference between an API where you get basically a health service data - already aggregated - and in this case you do not need Sleep as Android you can view than in the FitBit app or you can sync them over to Google Fit and then to Sleep as Android if you like Sleep as Android to calculate our SleepScore for you.

But if you like to use Sleep as Android sleep tracking algorithms and the features like smart wake etc… we need access to raw sensor data on that device… I do not think FitBit Charge gives such access, but if you see anything like this, please send me a link…

One more note:
What we need is the Device API:

Which as stated in the doc… “The Device APIs are accessible by applications which run on Fitbit devices only.”

Ok, is it not possible to develop apps that can be installed on the Charge 5?

@JVS I tried to look this up, but I’m not sure from their documentation which watches support app download and which do not,apps%20to%20install%20or%20update.

Maybe some Charge user can tell us if it is possible to install apps on some of the new Charge devices?

@JVS I have checked the FitBit Gallery and all the apps just support versa and sense s I do not think there is any way to install apps from the FitBit gallery to a charge device…