Fitbit Charge 4 integration

Number of Fitbit Charge integration requests for the various models. I don’t believe any have been responded to. Does the Fitbit Charge family of watches have any particular issues impacting interfacing? I imagine that this is a fairly popular watch and hoping we can get an extension of the Fitbit interface to cover the Charge family.

Hello @David_Freeman , we would love to integrate further FitBit devices, but FitBit devices are completely closed without any APIs we could use to integrate them with Sleep as Android… at the moment we can only integrate Fitbit Versa and Ionit watches which allow installation of add-on apps… for them we have implemented an app which collect sensor data and sends them over to Sleep as Android.

But there is no way to set the sensor data on FitBit Charge only FitBit can access their proprietary protocol…