Find out sleep quality causality by asking a series of questions

From Allan Laal on 2015/06/06 06:39:01 +0000

use case:
sometimes I sleep for 6 hours and wake up without my alarm feeling super. Other times I sleep for 12 hours and feel like shit.

I currently track the causality of this using tags, but I cannot tag something as zero (i.e. eaten before sleep FALSE). I also forget to tag stuff because the interface cant fit that many tags.
the current tag statistics does not differentiate between a tag being not filled out that day or its condition be FALSE.

this could be a parallel solution to tags.
it would ask me the sleep rating and a predetermined list of YES/NO (boolean) questions
it would also make statistics to determine the causality of better sleep rating by the amount of times each question was answered yes or no. or even when a certain combination of questions would be answered in a certain way

over time these questions would change. old ones would be hidden and new ones would be added - as new theories about my sleep quality causes would emerge

Copied from original feature request: