Filtering sleep data by a custom date range

First of all, I love this app and am genuinely impressed by the depth of insight I can get from it. But although the pre-set time filters (week/14 days/month/quarter year/half year/all time) generally work well, I would really like to navigate my data more accurately sometimes.

Therefore, it would be great to have a custom date range filter as an additional filtering option - so that we can filter from date A to date B and closely observe any data that is relevant at a given moment.

I would like to be able to use this mainly for charts and sleep stats, but if this could be added globally in the time range selectors, that would be wonderful.

This could be useful for so many scenarios, including better insight into sleep changes onset by certain life events, checking for seasonal patterns for long-time users, cleaning up old data, investigating spikes in charts that deviate from established patterns and certainly so much more.

Thank you for all your hard work on the app, I really find it a complete, thorough solution for tracking all sleep-related data.