Features for focusing on noises for sleep talking

I have C-PTSD and use the app primarily for recording my sleep talking.
Here are some features that would be helpful for me:

  1. Ability to personalize or create additional tags or labels to add when listening to noise recordings.
  2. Ability to delete a category of tags for a night (like delete all noises tagged as #sick).
  3. Ability to turn on a “confirm delete noises” (in addition or instead of the long press delete) which adds a pop-up window to confirm you really wanted to delete this specific noise.
  4. Display personalizable views of noise trends - number of tagged noises by day, and also by time of occurrence (with ability to change which ones are included)… length of recording by tag would be good too for when I sleep thru my alarm.

These are more general:

  1. Ability to pause and resume without a timer
  2. Ability to delay start of recording of noises after start of sleep tracking

If any of these are already available, please help me learn where to locate them.