[Feature request] Return volume to original level after dispatching the alarm

I love the product. There’s just this one issue I have with it: after turning off the alarm, the media volume is at 100%. If I go on my phone to browse and slowly wake up, there’s a chance I encounter a video. And now it’s blasting at maximum volume at 6am and waking up my spouse as well.

Is there any way to return the volume to a predetermined level after the alarm went off? Thanks

Hello, if the app must change the volume (either for gentle volume alarm, or for sonar), the volume is reverted to the original position once the action is done. Usually, the app uses alarm volume stream for alarms. Is it possible you are using some external service? Radio alarms or Spotify alarms use the media volume stream.
Could you please send us your application logs (Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug), ideally right after this happens? Thank you.