Feature Request: Geofencing Alarms

I have two staged alarms in case I manage to sleepwalk the first one off. (This has happened! And I’m not optimistic about QR codes - at limited sleep, I would probably walk to the bathroom, curse myself, QR scan a tag, walk back, try to set a follow-up alarm but fail, and fall asleep for five hours and be late to work.)

However, by the time the second alarm kicks off, I’ll usually already be at work or on my way there. Thus, it would be really helpful if I could tell SleepAsAndroid that the second alarm should only go off if I’m within a 100m (for GPS errors) radius of my bed.

I’d vote for this if they’d give us more than 5 votes ever. :crying_cat_face: Even though I don’t use location tracking, this is a very good and practical idea.