External device for sonar

Hello there sleepy fellas! :sleeping:

I’ve become interested in lucid dreaming and remember the existence of this app.

I got a little interested in the sonar sensoring.
But as I researched if my phone was compatible in the list of compatible devices, I saw it was not the most perfect device for the job (One Plus 5, A5000) partially – large average offset.

So my question is can I use an external source for pulsar to enhance the reliability? (such as earbuds, speakers, microphone, Bluetooth, audiojack, etc.)

I know there are bracelet/watches that you can use that might be more reliable then the accelerometer in phones to analyze sleep patterns (or is it?)
but then you have to spend some more moneys. :frowning:

I’d like to try out pulsar before I go over too buying more expensive stuffs for the job. :money_mouth_face:

If not then it be an idea for an little device, an audioplugg equipped with a microphone and speaker that plays/record in the out of human spectrum. If that even works :man_shrugging:

Sleep tight and hope I get some answers! :slight_smile:

After some experimentation with the sonar test it seems as F18 is the best for my phone, but on the same time it just seems too be random, i even got a random sleep cycle out of it, might have been sounds around? maybe the bad isolated walls. I was not in the room, but there were so.e sounds around so i should probably try it again when there’s no else home and se what it says after an hour or two of just chillin in an empty room

Hello, in our tests we have seen that any external device will make sonar completely fail. The reason is the mic and speaker in your phone are very well isolated, so that during phone calls you have less echo (in addition to SW echo filtering)… this helps sonar tremendously to work… but if you use an external mic or speaker they won’t be isolated they will not work to recognize activity…

In general we do maximum to remove any audible sounds from the analysis. There is an high order high pass filter applied before we look at the ultrasonic signal… but of course this isn’t 100% so any audible noises can slightely contribute to the overall noise…


Okay! then I know!

Can I send in data somehow to you so you can analyze it?