Extend Backup to WebDAV

From Joe on 2014/12/17 20:15:15 +0000

At the moment only there is only Backup to Google or Dropbox. I have a Owncloud(webDAV) in my Network and i want to Backup my data there.

Copied from original feature request: http://urbandroid.uservoice.com/forums/264867-sleep-as-android/suggestions/6855532-extend-backup-to-webdav

From Kromonos on 2016/04/06 21:04:23 +0000

WebDAV would be very nice. With it, it's possible to upload backup to own OwnCloud or Seafile installations.

From Scott on 2016/03/30 13:42:00 +0000

Owncloud backup would be excellent to keep your date internal.

WebDav support is very important!

Hey @Julian, we had a bunch of requests for this at a certain time in the past, but never before, and never after. I have no idea how widely used is the WebDAV protocol and how difficult it would be to integrate it.
Could you help us with that? Could you please list some of the services that use WebDAV and the reason why people would prefer them for example to Dropbox/GDrive or SleepCloud?

I think that most of the WebDAV users are too lazy to create an post here…

Why I think WebDAV is very important:

1.) WebDAV is a standard protocol for a lot of servers. For example it can be used for private NAS or public webservers that support the WebDAV protocol.

2.) Owncloud and Nextcloud offers WebDAV storage. I’m using owncloud and I use neither Gdrive nor Dropbox.

3.) It’s about privacy. I assume that you encrypt the backups before uploading to Gdrive or Dropbox. Neverless the backup is encrypted or not I would like to upload the backups to my own cloud only.

4.) While WebDAV is not so well known in the public Owncloud and Nextcloud have a huge community. If you add this feature SleepDroid could probably get new users from this community.

You could add support for Owncloud and Nextcloud directly using their APIs, too.

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Julian is 100% right; most people are too lazy to go through all of the documentation to determine whether the app supports WebDAV integration, only to find out it doesn’t, but then to be expected to invest more time crawling the web to determine if it truly doesn’t support WebDAV. Then eventually – once they realize it truly doesn’t – finding this post, creating an account, and taking the time to post about it… most users aren’t that dedicated to backing up data a particular way. Hell, most users aren’t usually dedicated enough to do half of that (based on my experience as a seasoned software developer). :slight_smile:

Anyway, WebDAV is a very mature standard that is relatively easy to implement. The RFC was initially approved in 2007: RFC 4918 - HTTP Extensions for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) (ietf.org). Many, many Android apps have WebDAV support. It’s a cheap, highly effective, secure, reliable, and standardized method to backup files to various third-party cloud/backup/sync solutions (although admittedly the RFC for WebDAV was not created with those use cases in mind, at least not initially).

Implementing WebDAV would expand Sleep as Android’s supported backup integration solutions from a few… to hundreds of different products. In my case, I really, really want it for integrating with my Synology Diskstation – a private, locally hosted Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, which has an amazing GUI, amazing redundancy, and amazing ease of use, all while keeping it private and the data open (open, as in open source). In my case, I secure the data for backups like this using an encrypted keystore on an Aegis AES 256-bit Encrypted USB Flash Drive.

And to be honest, I’m quite shocked that it hasn’t already been implemented in not only such a mature and amazing application, but also because there’s support for all sorts of third-party integration like Tasker, MQTT, Webhooks, IFTTT, Intent API, Google Fit, Samsung Health, Google Calendar, and Spotify, not to mention all of the watch sensor integrations (although that seems mostly implemented by third parties using your application’s framework API). Many of those integrations are somewhat proprietary and new, compared to WebDAV, so the lack of it is a bit puzzling. :slight_smile:

Please implement this! It would mean a lot to those of us who own a Synology Diskstation, QNAP, Drobo, and other WebDAV-implementing products, not to mention all of the other WebDAV-implementing devices and applications!

Thank you! --Nick

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I am one of those guys who registered an account now. Even when I am using the beta for more than 8 years now (and submitted some bug reports already).
But Sleep as Android is the last app which is using Google Drive for me. So a Webdav integration would be really great.

If it might appear too difficult, then at least let us store the backup zip at a place of our choice on the phone. With the Nextcloud app you can sync that easily then. But a native Webdav support would open an huge world of privacy sensitive users to you.