EXPORT to Google Fit, but NOT sync upload-download PLEASE!

Please make a direct upload to Google Fit with no download. Pretty please, with honey and sugar on top! :heart_eyes: The Google Fit sync downloads all the Pebble Health detrious - phantom graphs TO SLEEP AS ANDROID :flushed:, that make it so difficult to just send data DIRECTLY UP TO GOOGLE FIT, without downloading wearable-activity junk to SaA by an aggressive little applet. Make that go away by direct export to Googe Fit, NOT “sync.” If people want to sync that stuff from their wearable, fine. But I don’t want it; it’s too aggressive and it messes up my Sleep As Android charts and stats!

This way, with an export feature to Google Fit, I wouldn’t have to go through two different apps to get it done. (Sleep As Android→Samsung Health→Health Sync→Google Fit.) It doesn’t always work! :slightly_frowning_face: A simple direct export would work every single time. Thank you!

I can’t imagine why this would be difficult; if it is, let me know. Just a straight, smooth direct upload. I cannot turn off my wearable’s sleep applet. I uncheck the box and it keeps on keepin’ on.

Please, please, please!

Thank you for your consideration. This has been driving me nuts for years. It goes straight up to Samsung Health, and then it has to go through the Health Sync app. Then I get no overly aggressive Pebble Health junk - no graph is created from that; you cannot stop it from sleep tracking, even if you uncheck the box in Pebble Health. I need the steps and activity, but I try to get around the “I Want To Sleep More,” to which I yell at it: “there’s an app for that!” But unchecking the box doesn’t stop it; it’s unrelenting. All I want are the steps! And also automatic workout tracking, which works splendidly. So I can’t turn off Pebble Health→Google Fit: I need the steps.

I want to just upload-export directly to Google Fit.

Is the feature there already but I haven’t found it? @jiri-urbandroid


Oops. Sorry about the typo in the topic title. I fixed it.

Now, this is not the most pressing need, but it would be nice.

Okay. To be fair to Health Sync, it eventually works.

Click the pic to see entire Google Fit sleep analysis.


BUMP. I think this is an important choice you can add to Google Fit integration. Just a choice. It would make everything so much simpler.

Hello Robin, sorry for missing this out… I will read through the thread tomorrow…

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Hello Robin, I have an additional question to fully understand the issue. You think the Pebble sleeps are too aggressive and not reflect the actual sleep. Why do you want such data in the Google Fit in the first place? Could you just stop syncing Pebble data to Google Fit and leave it to Sleep as Android?

Sorry if I’m missing the point…


Because Pebble Health keeps on tracking and sending data up to Google Fit. I want the steps only. But even if you uncheck the sleep box, it keeps on keepin’ on.

It’s just a small nuisance, but the statistics are important.

Thank you once again. Time to sleep! :slightly_smiling_face:


I just spent hours recleaning years of “phantom graphs” that did not come from SaA. But they come down from the cloud TO Sleep As Android messing up the stats.

So I very quickly unchecked the Google box. It works fine the way I do it with “Health Sync” - which asks you which direction you want a sync to go, never both. Easy-peasy. And when Google Fit gets the stages from Samsung Health which got them from Sleep As Android, Google Fit does a wonderful job analyzing the data!

They keep everything! You just can’t see it. Anyway, I gave it a try. I will stick with what I’m doing.


Time to go to sleep now.,


Hello Robin, we are working on an update which should ring an WRITE only option to the Fit integration. It is bigger rewrite so it will take some time… I will update you on the progress.


Thank you so much! :smiley: You folks are THE BEST!

All the best,

Any news on this?

An upload only would be nice nice, so Google can’t mess with SaA,

Second, I would like to export only the Heart-Rate to Google Fit.
Weirdly my Mi Band Tools stopped working with the upload and i can’t seem to fix it.


Hello folks, sorry for the delay we are planning this but did not get to it yet… Big thanks and sorry fro the delay…


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