Events documentation


I am working with the data from the sleep as android app and noticed there are multiple events (e.g. Broken Start/End, T, Dha, Device, …), of which I’m not entirely sure what they mean. Could you please provide a documentation/explanation what the individual events mean?

Hello @j.est

many thanks for your interest in Sleep as Android.

BROKEN START/END marks time intervals when sleep tracking did not recieve any data from the sensor used

DEVICE is a hashed Code of device id Build.DEVICE.hashCode()

T whenther the user was in trial period / premium

DHA A vector of high activity flags per 10s intervals. It is used together with aggregated activity to compute hypnogram. One event encodes 32 bits, so there will be about 11 events per hour of sleep.

We will update the doc on those. Anything else we can better explain?