Editing graphs - Sleep as Android

Any sleep graph can be further edited. You can rate the sleep, add additional awake periods, cut excess time, and add tags or comments.

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There should be a “dangerous” option for deleting any tag across all tracking.

Why is there not a way to change the fall asleep and wake up hours to add sleep? Many times the automatic tracking incorrectly puts the fall asleep time as much later than it was. I should be able to edit this to correct it without creating a new, unrelated entry.

Hello @BrettPro, sorry at the moment this is doen by adding another entry as you say. But this does not have any effect on your stats etc… in the stats this is still considered one sleep… and it is super easy to add the missing peace of sleep… in the graph details screen, if you tap on the pencil icon an [<- add sleep ] button is shown… this will take you directly to the screen for adding sleep time and pre-fill the values with probable times…on the main dashboard screen we also show all related sleep segments in one view beside each other…

I thought that if i changed the hashtags in the sleep recordings they would be automatically changed in the graph. This would be logical because i have something that doesn’t get a tag but i want it to be tagged and see when i do that and if it affects my sleep. I would also like to see an option where you can add your own tags.

The UX of the sleep rating widget drives me nuts. You’ve chosen to go with a 5-star rating system. That implies discrete values – users expect to choose 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars, and possibly 1/2-star values like 3.5 out of 5. But instead the widget behaves as a continuous slider. As I move my finger across the 5 stars, I am selecting fractional values, like 3.812532 stars out of 5. This is completely counter-intuitive and defeats the purpose of even using a 5-star system.

Please decide on either a continuous rating system, where the user slides on a progress bar from 0% to 100%, or a discrete rating system, where the user selects 1-5 stars. You are conflating the two concepts right now.