Edit Sleep Time


Sometimes I forget to turn on the sleep tracker. Then the app thinks I hardly slept. Is there av way to edit this?


Sure, you can add a manual sleep record to account for the untracked time:
Go to graphs screen and add a new record using the plus button.

You can also edit the graph:
Please go to the graph detail screen, there you can use your finger to select any portion of the recording and tap the trash can icon at the top to get rid of the redundant part.


@jiri-urbandroid I read about sleep efficiency scores. Since it is based on the ratio of the time spent in bed sleeping/total time spent in bed I would like to be able to edit the initial part of the tracked time and mark it manualy as “awake” (I find it quite difficult to fall asleep). I have been just deleting those initials periods the next morning but deleting them affects the efficiency parameter. Is there a way to do it?

Also, when I have those long faling asleep periods I sometimes reach for the phone to see the time etc. When I do this, the app pauses tracking and the next morning I see those “pauses” icons on the graph. If the app knows that I have been using the phone and that I was awake (“pause” mark is saved) why it does not consider it as awake and does not show high green “awake” bar on the graph?

I am a beginner user. Please, explain that to me.


First question: Why would you want to delete the important statistics on how long it took you to fall asleep? It does count in your efficiency score, as far as I can tell. And every without that, you get information on the usual amount of time it takes you to plunge into sleep.

Sleep As Android is not aggressive in awake detection, and that’s a good thing. But when you manually pause it, you should see light green in the morning. Send the developers a bug report first thing in the morning before editing anything. It’s in the left side slideout menu as “bug report.” Always do this first so they can help you, and also improve the app.

Oh, I am just a user, but a beta tester for some time. I can only explain what I know; the developers are the ones you need to contact if you spot a genuine bug.

Again, as to the first question, I do not see the value of editing out the time it takes you to fall asleep as this is important information you can use to improve your sleep.

Hope this helps! Sweet dreams. It’s very late out here. Time to try to sleep.


Hi Robin, actually my question was how to edit the falling asleep period time on the graph so that the app knows I was awake and not asleep. Initially, after the set tracking delay (for me 10 mins) app was starting to track and treated data as me being asleep. This is why I needed to manually set part of the data as awake. There was no such an option and I was only able to delete (using scissors) data so that at least the duration of the sleep is correct. Few days after my question I noticed that scissors changed the way it works and I was able to delete data or set it as awake, as I needed. Overall, problem solved.