Edit sleep records - needs to be more intuitive and accurate

From Jim Greene on 2015/09/13 16:47:47 +0000

I know that sleep graphs can be edited by selecting the selection to delete. However, I find that does NOT change the total time of sleep - it - remains the same as if the sleep graph were not edited. Also, the EDIT selection in SETTINGS should be a simple dialogue to allow enter begin sleep time and end sleep time. This should automatically edit the graph as well as to correct the total sleep duration. It is nitce to have those many icons to add about taking meds, caffeine, etc. but the most important thing that an average user thinks about in editiing is that the beginning and end times of the sleep period is accurate. That is how Fitbit’s software works. Fitbits’ long-term representation of sleep is more intuitive to understand - a bar graph. You can have a stacked bar graph with total amount, and portions representing light, deep sleep etc.

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