Edit sleep in graph without stomping data

Been trying out Sleep as Android and there are a lot of solid features, but one that is very important for me that doesn’t function the way I would like is graph editing.

You can set portions of a graph to “awake”, which is great - but this erases all the visual/activity information in the graph for that period, which is not.

I’m a chronic troubled sleeper and in order to get accurate times I need to cut out huge chunks where I am apparently in REM (I am tossing and turning, very much awake), but want to keep this data because any clues to help me figure out what’s going on are good clues… right now all of my data is totally inaccurate because I want to keep the visual information, despite it thinking I’m sleeping being totally unreflective of what’s actually happening.

In summary: please enable a way to edit periods of time to “awake” on the graph without stomping all the data collected within that period.

Hello @Esteri , many thanks for your feature request. We will be adding this feature…

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Hello @Esteri I have just released a first try on this into BETA… it is not perfect yet but you can already use it…

Please first join our BETA Testers group at:
https://groups.google.com/forum/#feature-requestsThat you can opt-into the BETA at the following address:
Or simply by visiting our Play Store listing and tapping “Join BETA”

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Hi there,

That was quick turnaround! Thanks very much. I followed the instructions for beta but don’t seem to have the beta version (at least, when I use the scissors to delete portions of the graph it is still erasing the data, so I assume I do not have the beta installed). Is there a way to check (version?) or force beta to download?

I get the feeling my restrictive permissions might be preventing it from loading properly…

Hello @Esteri, the BETA update should be available through the Play Store shortly, I think you should already see it if you followed the 2 links, you can also directly install the APK at:

This is how it looks like…

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Thanks very much, it looks like it’s working - I can see I’m on beta, and have a little eye button to add awake periods without erasing all the movement data. Wonderful! Now I just need a good wearable to sync heartrate to help make the data even more accurate.

Hello Esteri,

many thanks. Great news… For wearables please check:

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This is my favorite new feature!
Thank you to @Esteri for suggesting this and to @petr-urbandroid for the implementation.

I use SAA, Fitbit and CPAP data combined to make edits. Having the ability to add and remove awake periods without destroying the visual data greatly improves the overall representation of my (poor) sleep.

@MMcF big thanks for the feedback… we still have few fixes in this on the TODO… for instance if you edit 2 awake periods with an overlapping selection…