Edit "Flight-Mode" in the Sleep-tracking-Screen

Please deactivate/ change the notification that the smartphone should be turn out the wireless signal when connected to a smartwatch or similar, such as the Mi Band 2, via a wireless connection. This is in some way strange, because you need the connection to messure your sleep…

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Hey there!
On activating the flight mode, the smartphone drops the mobile network connection (this is the only way to do so). Afterwards You can activate Bluetooth again.

The idea is, that the smartphone is not using the mobile network, which could disturb Your sleep (at least some people believe this); and You won’t be disturbed by drunken callers :grin:
I turn on the “do-not-disturb” (dnd) mode, as I want to be available for starred contacts.

Hope this explains, why the hint is still there.


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