Ebook Reader Integration

An ebook, book reader integration would be nice.

I often fall asleep reading books on my phone and would like the ability to start sleep tracking and the switch to the an ebook app and then read until I fall asleep.

Could an ebook usage integration be when the phone is placed flat, sleep tracking starts?

Or does something like this already occur? Does awake detection do the same thing?

Will tracking continue if started and moved to the background?

Hello @Barnard, as you say, you can use Settings > Sleep tracking > Awake detection > Awake when using phone, or perhaps awake by light, to do that.

Tracking will continue if you start it and move it to the background, Android is fortunately not iOS (yet :)).

So after setting up awake detection, just start sleep tracking (it will start paused), then start your ebook reader and when you’re finished reading, just put the phone aside and tracking will automagically resume.

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Thanks for the reply @jiri-urbandroid.

Does the light sensing work on all phones? I have Huawei p20 pro and I don’t see the awake by light option.