Download from Google Fit

Hi everyone!

Is there any issue about reading from Google Fit?
I wiped my data and can restore it from 2017 to 2021. Last year data I see only in Google Fit.
But when syncing, SaA do not grab any sleep data from Google Fit from last 3 years as documentation described.

I’ve tried to make my own REST application to load data from Google Fit API, but see only error 403 and have no idea about additional permissions beside (App is in Testing status and have 1 test user, so by rules I don’t need any verification). Same error I saw in Google OAuth Playground.

I’ve also tried to link SoA with Health Connect on 20221020 Beta and also sleep data missed in SoA.

Found archive on device with sleep data. So Google Fit superfast renewed data from may’21 to september’21 by SoA sync.

Now I think, that writing to Google Fit is working, but reading is not. Most of all I’m afraid about case when SoA will delete these oct’21 till oct’22 data from Google Fit.
Or maybe there is a case when SoA need time to download data from Google, but writing is fast (about 2-3 min).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Delete Sleep as Android.
  2. Setup Sleep as Android 20221020 Beta.
  3. Download data from Google Fit.