Don't save zero durations (delayed sleep)

From Richard Finegold on 2014/11/05 06:20:51 +0000

TLDR: I’d like it to not offer to save a zero sleep duration. At the very least, it shouldn’t need confirmation that I want to delete a zero sleep record. A toast of aborting would be much better.

Prerequisite: In the sleep tracking settings, I have “Delayed sleep tracking” set (to 5 minutes).

If I start sleep tracking, then realize I need to do something else before the delay is over (e.g. cater to dog), I’ll stop the sleep tracking by pressing the X. (I only just noticed that, I’m glad that it works better than sliding the stop but I’m surprised that they behave differently during the delay.) It asks me if I want to save my current sleep graph. I don’t know why I’d want to save a zero (0:00) duration graph, so I press Remove. It then asks if I’m sure I want to delete the record (not graph). Neither prompt should appear, and the second one shouldn’t appear if I slide Stop and press Delete, I’d rather see a toast of aborting.

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