[DONE]Selectively remove awake periods


I’m a happy Sleep as Android user, and decided to buy a Mi Band 3 to make my logs even more accurate with additional movement and heart rate data. However, Sleep as Android started inserting awake periods in my sleep log, coinciding with moderate heart rate peaks. I certainly don’t wake up in the night (let alone five times) so these are all dream-induced or movement related heart rate changes. I don’t mind it, and I don’t consider it to be a bug: HR going up by 10+ bpm may be a sign of being awake for most people, I’m just not one of them, and it’s fine – no prediction is perfect.

However, I would like to be able to remove them afterwards, and downgrade them to REM or light sleep status, since they wreck my statistics and underestimate my sleep by 30-60 minutes. I found a “Delete awake” button, which removed 2 out of the 5 false awake periods, but left 3 in. I think it would be a worthwhile feature to let the user choose which of the awake periods to remove: e.g. a list of awake time intervals with a “remove” checkbox next to each of them (perhaps with default suggestions according to the current “Delete awake” algorithm).

Thank you guys,

I’ve started having this exact issue over the past week or two. Having this feature would be very handy.

I agree with this. Sometimes sleep as android gets it right, sometimes it doesn’t. It would be good to delete an awake where I’m sure it is wrong.

i have a lot of faulty awake time recorded (for years),
did tune the settings for future detection but wish to remove all past faulty data - which sums up pretty high as “lost” sleep time.

only option to do this currently is manually, one-by-one “delete awake”

any of these, would be helpful:

  • bulk remove all (or by date range) past awake data
  • adding a setting to include/exclude awake time from total sleep length

Hi, the awakes can be edited at once, or selectively The guide and more details are available in the docs here: https://docs.sleep.urbandroid.org/sleep/graph_edit.html#delete_awake