[DONE] Mi band 5 support?

Is/will the Mi Band 5 be supported? Looking forward to the upgraded sensors over my 4, looking to buy soon, and haven’t been abl to find info on support yet.

+1! I also have a how to question.

I am under Setttings > Wearables in your app.

To use my Mi Band 5, do I have to download and BUY either Tools & Mi Band or Notify & Fitness for Mi Band? Or can I just pick automatic? My goal for using Sleep as Android is to track my sleep from the band (i put my phone far away) and wake me up during light sleep in the mornings.

Thank you.

MiBands 5 are compatible, but you need a companion app installed - this is because the Mi Bands and MiFit app has closed protocol, so the direct integration is not possible.
You can choose either Notify&Fitness app (has a free version), or Tools&MiBand app (only paid version).