[Done] Backup alarms to cloud

From Artur Filip Lezny on 2014/11/16 09:40:01 +0000

Not only sleep data, so when we update our Android phone to new version, all the alarms get pulled back from cloud automatically.

Copied from original feature request: http://urbandroid.uservoice.com/forums/264867-sleep-as-android/suggestions/6725273-backup-alarms-to-cloud

From Mark Thompson on 2015/04/25 13:16:22 +0000

As requested, you cloud backup should not only include graphs, but alarms and application configuration as well. There are a LOT of settings to work with and it seems only logical to include these within a cloud backup - especially as a purchased add-on. Please, PLEASE!!

From Melanie Harvey on 2014/11/28 15:33:07 +0000

Yes this too. Thanksgiving woke up to alarm on the phone going off because I only changed it on the tablet.

Is there any progress on this request?

Bump. Sorry but I feel this is important. Perhaps not full backup of settings, but at least the alarms with some basic configuration.

People only stump with this once every couple years because we don’t change phones often, but when we do it’s a pain.


Hi, sorry for not keeping this up to date.
This has already been implemented a long time ago - see https://docs.sleep.urbandroid.org/services/backup_data.html
In each section you can see whether the given method does or does not back up alarms / settings.

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