[DONE]Alarms on specific dates

From Anonymous on 2016/06/21 12:58:21 +0000

I have to wake up to work everyday 6 AM except one or two days a week, those days I have to wake up at 5:40 because I carpool and it’s my turn to pick up my coworkers. It would be amazing if I could add an extra alamr on specific dates. A. E. today is tuesday, but I know that I’m gonna have to wake up earlier this friday and next monday.

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From Chris Gray on 2017/07/10 11:20:51 +0000

I work inconsistent Saturday's.
I can know in advance what dates they fall on. I would be nice if I could set the alarm when I find out instead of asking myself if I'm working the comming Saturday every week.

From Yuxuan “fishy” Wang on 2017/01/05 07:12:24 +0000

I'm thinking about similar thing, but more for early morning flight kind of things.

Also I don't think my use case is suited for calendar integration, because having a 8am flight is quite different from having a 8am meeting (for 8am flight I probably need to get up at 5am, while for 8am meeting I only need to get up at 7:30am). I still think if I can schedule a specific alarm by date+time would be the best solution.

Hello, this topic is a bit older, but we would like to let you all know, that the alarm for specific dates are now available in BETA version for testing, if anyone is interested.

Please first join our BETA Testers group at:
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After that you should be starting receiving latest BETA updates through the Play Store.

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