Donate to Support Development

From Dave247 on 2016/12/15 01:16:20 +0000

I would love to somehow be able to donate money to be able to support future development of this app. I already purchased the unlock a long time ago and since then so much has been added and improved. A project of this scale can’t be easy to manage financial wise, so I would love to be able to donate a small ammount every month or so to help with the continued development of this, and maybe even other projects.

Copied from original feature request:

I would like to revive this post.
I totally agree to this. Purchased this app years ago and truly the best purchase I ever made…
Just today I was thinking about donating bit more…

Hello @woestric, big thanks for your offer. We do very much appreciate it. One form of donation could be a purchase of one of out other apps from the Play Store and hopefully you will also get some value back. Here is a list of our apps

Another option is direct donation on PayPal or in crypto. We use such donations usually to purchase new devices such as wearables or smartlights which we later integrate or test with the app. So if you prefer this option please contact us at and we will send you more details.

Big thanks for your encouraging feedback and for considering to donate our effort!

All the best and stay safe…