Doesn't detect sleep when activating via Fossil (WearOS)

Detailed description of the problem:
I submitted this is as a bug report as well.

I’m using Fossil gen 5 with an Android Pixel 3, apps and OS up-to-date. The past few nights I tried activating SaA each time from my watch, but it records the activation beginning and end time as my actual sleep time. It doesn’t detect cycles, or when I actually wake up.

The phone is in range, but not in my bedroom (I’d rather not keep it near my bed). Does SaA’s Wear app work without the phone in snoring range? Does SaA’s Wear app not detect movement?

UX is not clear enough to determine if this is a bug or user error.

Steps to reproduce:
See above

Version of Sleep as Android:

Anyone? Do the Sleep as Android staff monitor the forums?

Pretty sure.

I have a Fossil Gen 4 Sport and I don’t have this issue FWIW. Although I usually sleep with phone next to me I’ve definitely not a couple times and as long as my phone is within BT range of my watch it’s fine.

Does it work if you launch it from the phone before you put it down in the other room? In SAA -> Settings -> Wearables -> Use Wearables : Is Wear OS Selected? In the same menu under Heart rate monitoring -> Is it checked for Android Wear? In the same menu if you click on Test Sensor below Use Wearables, does it record arm movements (I think it only updates/checks every 10s or so), and if you set your phone down and walk to the other room for a minute moving your arm around a bit, go back to phone, did it still record the movements?