Does SaA support Samsung Watch 5 Pro?

Hi All,

I have the SaA full app and just got the Samsung watch 5 pro. I don’t use the sleep tracking feature but I really would like to sync the alarms with both phone and watch that It will triggered, dismiss and snooze the alarm from the watch and phone.

Is it possible? How can it be done (in the settings)?

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Hi I’m interested in this too. Been a sleep as Android user for years, since mi band 2. Just upgraded to gw5 pro and can’t get it to work using the GW4+ extension. Read the latest change Logs for beta versions and don’t see Galaxy watch 5 or 5 pro support listed. Is there a plan or timeline to add support soon? C: thank you!

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Hi since 3 days I try to connect my galaxy watch 5 pro to SaA but it doesn’t work. Is it not supported? Regards Mike

Hello Mike, Galaxy watch 5 is supported, please follow the guide at