Does anyone know this about the Stresslocator?

Will, letting the battery die, reset the Stesslocator?

Because when it got here, I could turn the screen around which toggled the speaker icon.

I changed some settings in the device, I wanted it to vibrate and stop alarming with a beep (now I think I only had to rotate the screen around once).

Turning beep on or off in settings, makes the speaker icon appear and disappear but turning the screen around does nothing anymore, speaker icon stays displayed, or stays of the screen, depending on the settings. And it doesn’t vibrate, not in any setting.

1)How do I get it to vibrate instead if beep during a O2 alarm?
2. How do I get it back to where rotating the screen will change the speaker icon?

And another question, sorry but I’ve been searching all day in vain…

  1. I understand the high and low alarm for hr but how does this work for the o2 alarm?
    What is the high o2 alarm for? You can never have too much 02, a too high hr, I understand.

I hope someone can help me, I would really appreciate it.

Hi, these questions are more oriented on the oximeter behavior, I did ask Mr Kolman from Happy Electronics (to be absolutely sure you are getting correct answers), I will get back to you when I know more.

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Too sweet, I appreciate you going the extra mile. Thank you so much