Display real time heart rate BPM (realtime heartrate)

As things are now, when the HRM is connected the blinking heart appears. I would like that the user could chose to have the current bpm displayed (either together with or instead of the blinking heart). [ || 4:37 66bpm + 5MIN ] or [ || 4:37 66 :heart: + 5MIN ] or [ || 4:37 :heart::66 + 5MIN ], for example, if the wake pause dialog box is displaying.
Or just 66bpm or 66 :heart: or :heart::66 or something like that when the blinking heart would be displayed without the wake pause box.
It would be nice if the user could also chose how the "66bpm " could be displayed, with bigger font size and bold, for example.
A possible use case would be as a kind of biofeedback perhaps while meditating, glance at the screen and see clearly the BPS. If the red BPS graph could be displayed (without needing to display max/min number values) that would also be good. Ahhh I’m calming down my heart.