Dismissing through intents

I’m working on integrating Sleep as Android with my HomeAssistant setup. This works very well using the MQTT and Intent integrations. Start sleep tracking when I push the button next to my bed, turning the lights on when my alarm rings, this all works.

One thing I’m missing: I’d like to dismiss my alarm in the morning based on what HomeAssistant sees. In my particular usecase I want to dismiss the alarm when motion is detected in the bathroom.

I’d love to have a ‘captcha’ that’s waiting for an intent to ‘solve’ it. This way, through apps like HomeAssistant and maybe Tasker, we could integrate pretty much any event here.

By extension of this, because I also use SaA outside of my own home, a way to make certain captcha’s be location dependent would make managing this much easier too. For example, when I’m home it could use the intent-captcha, while it would use another one when I’m not home.