Dismiss alarm on WearOS

Unlike Sleep as Android on Pebble and Tizen (Samsung), when an alarm goes off on WearOS there does not appear to be any good way to dismiss it from the watch.

Either a location on the screen to press, or a button to press, would be a far better experience, and would be far closer to the experience on other platforms.

I agree. Being able to snooze the alarm with a button press would be really good.
This is how the Tizen alarm works and it’s really useful.

Hello, on Wear OS if you slide up notifications and an alarm is ringing you should see a notification with actions - snooze / dismiss… dismiss works immediately if there is no catcha - otherwise it opens the CAPTCHA on your phone…

device-2021-01-12-101553 device-2021-01-12-101620

This is how this looks like

Sorry to reawaken this thread - glad to find it, it answered my question! I’m a recent (and unwilling, old watch died :frowning:) Pebble convert, so I’ve been trained for years in having Sleep right there front-and-center on the watch with easy access to snooze or dismiss an alarm. I’m now on a TicWatch 3 Pro (thanks for the advice and recommendation @petr-urbandroid !) and it took me a couple days to find the snooze down in the notifications (I’m not at my best when the alarm first goes off).

Is there anyway to “lift” that notification so it appears at the top of the list, or to actually raise an interface for Sleep directly on the watchface when the alarm goes off? I’m assuming this is a WearOS limitation that the app may not be able to circumvent, but since I’m just learning the watch I’m open (and hopeful) to being wrong :slight_smile:

@cbarn Ad notification… in previous versions of Wear OS the most notification was directly on the watchface… I do not know why Google changed that, so now you have to swipe up… anyway in Wear 3.0 and TW3 Pro will get that update which is now confirmed… there is a new feature - ongoing tasks and we have implemented that in the Wear OS app… so you will get an animated icon of the alarm directly on the watchface to access it…


Awesome, thank you @petr-urbandroid - I’m not at my best when I wake up so the easier it is to access the better! :slight_smile:

@cbarn also if that would help in the latest version of the watch app you can also access the alarm controls by starting the app from launcher…