Disable snooze/dismiss from watch?

Hello there,

I need to be unable to dismiss my alarm and snooze from the watch. The reason for this should be obvious. :smiley:

Is this possible somewhere, or should I head over to the Feature Request category? :slight_smile:


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Hello @manavortex… sure this is already possible. You can configure a Settings > CAPTCHA for your alarm and this requires to complete the dismiss on your phone and for snooze you can have snooze limits in Settings > Alarm > Snooze…

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Hey @petr-urbandroid,
I understood what’s happening just this morning!

Disclaimer: I’m using the polyphasic beta, so that may be connected.

While the captcha/snooze screen is open, my watch is no longer vibrating. So what happens is, it vibrates, I return to life (ish), make the vibration go away, which triggers the captcha screen - and the vibration stops and I oversleep.

A backup alarm is not an option, because that would wake up the husband.

Is this due to me having misconfigured something, or did I find a bug?

Thank you so much for your help.

Hello, at first shoot I think this is because vibration on watch vibe once than 30s pause, than vibe 20s pause etc… please try simulate it with an alarm in one minute ideally… if vibration do not work as expected please use menu - report a bug … what wearable are you using - every wearable has its own implementation and may slightely differ…

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 - it vibrated for exactly one minute - I’ll file a bug report!


For Mi Band this is implemented by 3rd party apps - either Tools & Mi Band or Notify & Fitness, they may also have their own settings regarding the alarms vibration in their app…