Disable Do Not Disturb / DND when stopping sleep tracking

Not sure if this is a feature request or a bug report, honestly, as I would think if Sleep as Android is capable of turning DND on, it’d also turn it off at the end of tracking, but then again I don’t see anything in the settings saying that that will happen :slight_smile:

When I wake up and slide the slider / rate my sleep, DND mode still remains on unless I remember to turn it off manually.

I’m on a Galaxy S9+, so that means Touchwiz in case that makes a difference (I read in the other thread that DND mode may work differently on Samsung devices).

Has to be a bug, right? Same error here on my Oneplus 7 pro and it’s really annoying to have to manually remember to turn off dnd every morning.

Same here. Pixel 3.

Same here, pixel 3a

If DND was already turned on when you started sleep tracking, then we do not touch it in the morning. This means that it will stay off in the morning.

There may be more quirks regarding DND, @petr-urbandroid?