Different alarms each day based on calendar?


I’m in need of some help. I’d like to use Sleep as Android to set a “smart” alarm but I’m unsure of how I should do it.

Since I work different times every day, I can’t have a static alarm. So I’ve connected Sleep as Android with my Google Calendar.

However, in my calendar, I have my actual work hours (say, 05:19 for example) and a reminder (well, alarm really since I have to dismiss it) 70 minutes before work. My alarm went off at 04:09.

Now, I want Sleep as Android to wake me up somewhere between 03:56 and 04:09, with 04:09 being the latest no matter how I sleep. Since this time is different every day, how can I make this automatic based on 70 minutes before my work hours?

Thank you very much!

Edit: TL;DR: How can I sync Sleep as Android with my Google Calendar to automatically set alarms so I wake up say 90-70 minutes (depending on my sleep) before work, but at the very latest 70 minutes before work?


If you have the Google Calendar integration enabled in Sleep, then the app will advance that alarm
whenever your calendar event collides with your next active alarm.
To set up the amount of time to which the alarm should be advanced, go to Sleep > Settings > Services > Google Calendar > Reschedule alarm.
When you set that to 1:10, your alarm will be rescheduled to 70 minutes before the event starts. There is range in which the alarm has to be to be rescheduled - see the attached infographic.

This all applies to set alarm times. Smart wakeup will be computed after all of this, so if you want 90-70 minutes, let the alarm be rescheduled to 70 minutes and set a 20 minute smart period.


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Also see the updated docs https://sleep.urbandroid.org/documentation/integration/google-calendar/