Developing with GadgetBridge

Hello there,
Our team is researching and developing a mobile app for our thesis.What we are trying to do is simply gather the sensor datas from Mi Band 3 to our mobile app on real time.We are stuck on gathering this information.We have come to a conclusion that we have to use GadgetBridge API but we still don’t know how to integrate it.I would be grateful if someone guide me.
Thank you.

Hi, could you please give me some more details? Does your thesis have anything to do with Sleep as Android? If not and you are looking for general help regarding GadgetBridge, please ask on their Github page.

Otherwise, I’m happy to help.

Just realized i am at the wrong topic, so sorry to taking your time and thank you for your instant reply have a nice day sir.

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No problem, good day to you.

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@Fuat_7, any update of your project? I am going to build an activity recognition project and I need the same thing - accessing raw data from MI band. Please let me know if you guys have found any solutions.