Detox schedule based on the user behaviour

To fight phone addiction one has to not only depend on the tool (the app) but needs to build his own discipline not to pick up the phone right? At present, the app locks your phone down so the user can’t do anything. But, the other approach could also be beneficial, where the app doesn’t lock your phone if you perform well (meaning, if you don’t use it when it is locked). So it would track your performance and than gradually decrease the strictness of lockdown. On the other hand, if the user used his phone while the “lighter” settings rake place the app would tighten the lockdown settings again.
I think that kind of feature could help build that self-discipline and consciousness when and why does the user consumes time-wasting content.

The first week the app lock everything up. If the user doesn’t use the phone much during first-week lock, the app releases the rules of the lock on i.e. Instagram but the UI still looks like the app is locked (so app’s icon still isn’t visible - to help the user resist the temptation to use the app from the start of released rules). If the user decides to use Instagram during the released lock for more than i.e. 10 min, Detox locks it again and reminds the user that he should resist the temptation.
Detox then “unlocks” the app after a certain amount of days to probe the user again. If the user resists the temptation and doesn’t use the app the next day Detox unlocks the app again.
After a certain period of time, of good user performance, the app doesn’t physically lock the apps but only turns on the locks screen UI. And it’s the user’s job to build his discipline throughout this process not to use the app even if he could.

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