Determining the ideal amount of sleep based on our personal cycle time

From Arthur on 2015/04/24 14:16:34 +0000

As a rule of thumb, we all have between 4 and 7 cycles by night.

Each of those lasts around 90 min… on average.

Added together, our nights last between 6h to 8h a night, or even more.

The thing is that this metrics vary A LOT between individual.

So it would be so much better if the app makes stats about the average 1st cycle, 2nd cycle, etc…
Then, the app would determine your personal ideal sleep length based on these stats.

Optionally, I could ask the app to wake me up only when I got 7 cycles.

At the moment, I can only presume that my ideal sleep time is 7 hours for instance, but it could be 6h30 or 8h15. I’d like data to better now myself.

Copied from original feature request:

From Anonymous on 2016/12/29 10:06:58 +0000

Sleep N cycles feature would be great.

From Tatyana Navatyva on 2016/10/17 16:11:43 +0000

@Rafael, I don not think your idea is a vague concept at all. Being able to find the almost pertect amount of time to sleep it's something I can't yet figure it out, and yes amount of ideal sleep varies per individual and data about it - and the fact that there is no conclusive study as Petr mentions and adds that there is "a wide range" being able to lfind the your personal sweet spot becomes essential.
@Petr you say that is is not easy, perhaps not, but due that the app have lots of stats should help to determine this - I understand maybe some supposed ideal sleep ends being a "bad sleep" (overall, not counting if something disrupted your sleep that particular time) rating of that day coul be taken into account and maybe a Tag do add something like "Sleep disrupted or so" to calculate the ideal time. Taking rating into account for a specific amount of time could lead to calculate de ideal sleep (I guess taking at least a baseline of minimun amount to sleep of maybe 6hrs as the study suggests - as sometimes one can sleep just 5 hrs and feel great, but that is not healthyin the long term)
You also add "In stats we allow to make a regression analysis and you can determine your optimal sleep length to maximize deep sleep or your subjective rating of your sleep,"

Well, first, those stats are very hard to read, second having to calculate loooking at those stats could take a loooooooooong time - and this is something the app can calculate by itself (given the "advices" options that tells your based on this or that, you coul improve deep sleep from this hour, and all those advices - means the app DOES calculate by rating, lenght, even the hour you went to sleep as a factor on those advices saying "you should try to sleep at xx time" - so this IS possible (obviously I don't know if hard to implement, but due to your comment to look at the stats to find optimal sleep lenght, then why those stats can't be calculated instead of looking several amount of stats by oneself to get de idea? ) And of course, if this calculation can be made, the result should be to take into consideration not a FACT t will be super useful to have it as a guide. That is why stats are for isn't it? to calculate estimates based on different factors. In this case, Rating (I think) would be the most important one as sometimes deep sleep is not calculated correctly due to misplacement of phone, etc. But an estimated "ideal lenght" coud be made - as guideline… What Rafael adds later about research on sleep, I think it would be accurate eiither - as you already said, it widely varies and studies are not conclusives - also, it varies on individuals, age, etc.

Sorry for the long post! Now that I'm at it, I also agree with the first comment by @Guy about an option revolving around sleep cycles - on that issue, there are several studies indicating the benefits of it. (been using this cycle method for several months, and noticed how much it DOES impact on quaity - specially avoiding sleep inertia - fo that I have to use another app to calculate the time, and the set the alarm in Sleep as Android).

Take care :slight_smile:

From Guy Togbenou on 2016/04/16 00:20:51 +0000

I would also like to see Sleep as Android being more focused around the sleep cycles. I'd rather have the "Go to sleep" reminder revolving around the sleep cycles, especially the reminder's snooze ("remind me in about 90 minutes" for example)

From Rafael Salgado on 2015/09/28 03:32:25 +0000

Hey Petr,

I understand that ideal may be a vague concept. And yeah, we can just set the time for what the app shows at the regression analysis.

But my point is sleep quality. For example, looking at the regression, I see that I should sleep at 11pm and set my timer for 8h sleep. But what if I have a really bad night of sleep? Let's say most of the time was light sleep. The app does not account for that, it stills wake me up when the time I set is up.

I thought more of a feature that wouldn't let me "sleep bad".

But I don't know. That also may be vague. Anyways, thanks for the response.

From Petr Nálevka on 2015/09/26 13:27:31 +0000

I don't think this is so easy. If you say idea, you mean ideal for what? For you digestive system, for your brain activity, for maximum life expectancy? I think there is no accurate study and it may be highly personal. For example life expectancy studies show ideal sleep between 6-8 hours depending on your personal needs. This is a wide range.

In stats we allow to make a regression analysis and you can determine your optimal sleep length to maximize deep sleep or your subjective rating of your sleep, you may want to try this?

From Rafael Salgado on 2015/09/26 02:03:27 +0000

Yes. This is a feature i was thinking about too. But The way ii thought was a little bit different.

The developers must know an "ideal" sleep behavior, based on researches. So I would like to have a button where I don't define a time for the alarm, but when I press this button the app will only wake me up when I have slept the ideal amount.

For example, let's say researches say that an ideal amount of sleep is comprised of 5-6 deep sleep cycles, or 4:30 of deep sleep. Then, when I pressed this button, the app would only wake me up when it would recognize that I had this amount of deep sleep in my current sleep.