Detect oversleeping hazard and warn the user while making the alarm stronger and more insistent

From Anonymous on 2014/12/17 14:15:11 +0000

I’d like to be warned when an alarm is set to a sleep duration that is too short if there is a high risk of oversleeping due to accumulated sleep deficit and due to trying to wake up in earlier hours than I am used to, so that I can make a mental note to make a special effort to wake up when the alarm goes off. (Risk of oversleeping can be calculated also by past events of oversleeping).

The detection of risk of oversleeping can also be used to give a “final call” bedtime notification before the risk rises too much, the risk can be shown as a stat and be used to make suggestions, it can be used to make the alarm stronger and more insistent or make the CAPTCHA harder to solve when there is high risk and I believe that it has many more possible applications that I haven’t even thought about.

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