Design Update for manual sleep record

The site to create a sleep log really does not look nice anymore. Could you modernize that a bit?

Many thanks there is a small UX update heading your direction… now releasing to BETA…

Yes, better, but can you please seperate time and date? Maybe just 3 single lines with asleep, wake up and date i.e.

and more symmetrically

It´s still hurting, that they stick together :slight_smile:

I understand… but the idea here is to highlight the fact that the date belongs to the wake up timr… putting a day label would break that IMHO…

Ah i understand. But the symetrie from wake up timer and the date.

Is there progress on the way?

Adding a single nap takes a good minute, compared to near instant results with Samsung health Screenshot_20220207-073234_Sleep|253x500