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From Anonymous on 2015/05/17 12:25:53 +0000

I am so frustrated! I want to clear all of my grass and start over there for over 200. I am deleting them 1 by 1. I want to delete all or the ability to check a box like emails to delete everything that you want to delete. I uninstall the app and reinstalled and they’re still there. I have new habits and I want all the old stuff to go away

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From Lynne on 2015/07/26 16:47:03 +0000

Yes, it drives me mad deleting all the starred sound recordings one by one. Definitely a check box required next to each one.

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Definitely, definitely need this feature

In order to delete all your sleep records, long press on one of them in the list of sleep records (left menu -> Graphs). Tap Delete older than… and then All.

In order to delete all your unstarred noise recordings, go to the list of noises (left menu -> Noise). Long press on one of the noises and select Delete all unstarred recordings.
Deleting all starred sleep recordings is not possible though.

If you want to completely start again including noise recordings, the easiest way would be to delete the app’s data through the system settings. This will also reset your preferences.

The problem with the app reset is that it automatically repopulates from the cloud, but I finally found that you can go directly to and delete the data from there first. If you then clear the app’s data, it works as a full reset.

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