Deep sleep tracking issues

So I had some issues with deep sleep tracking latley.

For the past 2 days it always said 90% deep sleep. Yesterday however I couldn’t fall asleep until 1:30am (sleep tracking started around 11:30pm) and woke up at around 5 due to having a really strong headache. After finally falling asleep again at 6am I woke up at 8am just for my graph to once again say 90% deep sleep.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? I’m running sonar btw.

Hello, can you please use menu - report a bug? It can well be a sonar issue. We do not have a 100% test case to detect that sonar is not working, we can only check whether the device can produce ultrasound… so it is always good to do the sensor test and check how well it reacts to your movement… as I reference I suggest running with accelerometer for one night and see your deep sleep %… I bet it will be much higher…

Hey there,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll send the report asap and will report back after tomorrow, to see if the accelerometer changes anything. For reference I’m currently running a Pixel 3 XL.

Hello, I look at the report and I see you have selected a very low signal strength on Sonar… this is probably the issue is there a reason you did that… where there any audible artifacts with sonar?

My mistake! It seems like I unintentionally set it to a lower setting than I meant to. Artifacts are only audible on the highest settings. Just to be sure I’ll use my original charging cable instead of my wireless charging pad today.

Thanks again for all the help and very fast replies!

Yes, wireless charging can cause artifacts in recordings…so I suggest not to use it… but it may just affect certain devices…

I reported the bug using my email that I used to sign up here. Sleep Crash report - 20191212 (21887) 28 [Manual error] Inbox

I’m also having similar issues where I am regularly getting 92%+ deep sleep a night. For instance, last night I woke up at least 5 times for various reasons and usually use the restroom, but it doesnt even show anything other than deep sleep and light sleep when i am AWAKE and walking downstairs to use the restroom and coming back up.

Another thing is that my bedstand is about few inches HIGHER than the position I sleep on the bed. I ALWAYS sleep on my back. Its within 3 feet or exactly 3 feet from me on the bedstand, no further.

My signal strength gets better than 4,000 sometimes on testing on higher sensitivity. If I lower sensitivy it gets down to 10s to 800s.

I am on a Samsung s9+ and testing sonar on various settings always says “supported.” I also just have my phone plugged in with a normal charging cable. The phone is pointed directly at me.

I listen to the audio playback with the sensitivity set in the default location and the sonar beeping is the main sound, but you can still hear my breathing patterns and when I move sometimes in the background and I almost always check the time on my phone so that is easily heard too. I also have a small desk fan on that same bedstand to use as soft white noise, but again you can see hear my breathing. Not sure if this is what you mean with audible artifacts?

I made sure all the instructions for using Sleep as Android are set properly.

Here is pic of last night and this is what is normally looks like.

I also added screenshots of various testing sonar and sensitivity (not sure what happened with the one with massively high signal strength): but varying degrees of signal strenth, even on same sensitivity few clicks down from highest. Sometimes I get 4000+ sometimes I get 500- signal strenth. I spent about an hour yesterday in my bed testing, and it seems I got a bunch of good signal strengths near top of sensitivity (around the default setup), but only to find out it’s gotten worse after looking this morning.

Sorry, I guess I can only post 1 pic as a new user, so no sonar testing pics on various settings, all testing as if I were sleeping.

Thanks for any help.