Deep Sleep % issues

Since April 11th, in the morning when i stop the recording it shows a certain deep sleep %, say 40% or 50%. After saving and browsing back the graph and results, it shows a much lower deep sleep %, say 20% or less.

Am I the only one with this issue?

The last ‘reliable’ recording has been on April 10, after that I had to cancel every next recording because the deep sleep % is clearly unreliable.

Hi. I’m kind of on a slightly different boat. SaS is giving me too much of a percentage of deep sleep. It’s not possible. I use the Amazfit Bip and usually when I’m at rest not sleeping, my HR sits in the mid 60s. When I’m asleep it gets much lower.

I think SaS is using a specific standard threshold to detect deep sleep. Maybe we could adjust this threshold to get a more reliable deep sleep percentage.

For reference. I put on my wife’s Alta HR with Fitbit’s app and it detected almost half the percentage of deep sleep that SaS did with the Bip.

I think those numbers you’re seeing after you go in again are more normal than the initial recorded.