Deep and Light Sleep to Google Fit

Google Fit integration seems to work fine, but when I look in the Fit app, or pull from the Fitness API, I see only a total time slept. Sleep interruptions, deep sleep, and light sleep aren’t differentiated apparently. Is this going to be fixed at any point? Or can I fix it myself somewhere if it’s already possible?

You got it! They JUST added the sleep stages!

I do my syncing via the “Health Sync” app. It takes the stages from Samsung Health, I think. There are no false positives that way. Here’s a screenshot from Google Fit. Very happy with this! Look for “Health Sync” in the Google Play Store. It really streamlines the syncs.


Yes, I have a very strange schedule currently. Long, complicated story.

Meanwhile, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy 2021!!!

I’m getting the same results from a direct sync between sleep as android and google fit.

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