[Declined] Please add support for Huawei Honor Band 5

I used to use the Xiaomi band, but I recently changed to the Huawei phone, so when it was time to change my watch, I got a Huawei Honor Band 5. But now I can’t use the app because it doesn’t sync to my watch. :frowning:

Sadly the Honor Band 5 cannot be integrated as there is no API for the connection. We cannot get at the raw data from its sensor.

how does it not have API? Did you see it?

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Yeah well this is a web API, not device API with access to the sensors, and it does not provide acceleration values at all.

But I’ve noticed there that they indeed have a local device API called HiHealth which I did not see before. But still - they do not publish raw accelerometer data in there, only aggregates…

Hello, have you seen these post? It is for developing huawei wearable app.


Hello @Muflih.adil … we try to minitor the situation occasionally

For long time there were no APIs…

Now there is one API which developers may start using:
But this does not include accelerometer sensor so we cannot do actigraphy

There is another API which may be potentially useful
but at the moment this is not public and no details about what will be possible are known…

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