[DECLINED] Mi fit sleep data integration

Good day,
I have one suggestion to improve the Sleep as Android. I have an application connected to the Mi Band 5 (via the mi band tools app) and thus the alarm clock rings on my watch and can also be put off by clicking on the bracelet and vibrates when waking up (it works great). Sleep as, however, often asks me about the suggested sleep time according to the activity of the phone. Is it possible for the application to communicate (eg via a plugin) with the Mi fit application? Mi fit has complete information about my sleep, but I am quite sure that your application would be able to use this data better to improve my sleep.

(sorry for my english, it is google translate)

Hello, sadly, MiFit app does not have open API. This is the same situation as with the Mi Bands themselves… Without the public-facing API, the integration is not possible.
Our API is open, so any app can add support for Sleep: