Dangerous options use with caution?

This is actually in my settings when setting up smart sleep? Is this just for fun like if you click “snooze” on then you’ll oversleep and that is the danger? I’m completely clueless. And I’m a first time user, so I do disclaim my ignorance from the start! :wink: Thank you for your time and help!

Hello Mary,
the section Dangerous options in the Alarm section contains only one option - Alarm output. This option allows you to re-route the alarm ringtone to the headphones, instead of the default speaker on the phone. It is marked as dangerous as if used by accident, the alarms will ring only in the headphones. There are two scenarios - either you could have too high volume going directly to your ears via headphones, or you would not be woken up at all by any of your alarms, because you do not wear the headphones during the night.
Oversleeping with too long snoozing can be restricted - by limiting either snooze count or the max snoozing time (in Settings > Alarms > Snooze).
If you need any help with the app, you can contact us directly at support@urbandroid.org. Thank you.