Customize snooze times

From Melissa Arnett on 2015/02/23 05:48:31 +0000

5 minutes is not long enough, 10 is too long. Can you make it customizable to the minute (I like 7 or 9 personally) then also maintain option to half the snooze time?

Copied from original feature request:

From Anna on 2017/06/02 15:18:39 +0000

When will you guys do so?

From Pb on 2017/04/05 01:55:06 +0000

I found the best way for me to snooze was 90min (sleep cycle). Gave my votes to custom snooze too but please don't put limit too low ! :slight_smile:

From Ado Ello on 2016/05/12 22:46:22 +0000

I think this! I need more time, for example, when I listen the alarm but, this day I don't feel well, and I think the most option is sleep maybe 1 cicle more for dream. (1,30h.)
In short … I need to have the option of adding an hour of sleep. Thanks!

From Hubuki on 2015/04/06 14:16:12 +0000

Should be pretty easy to implement a time picker for snooze times instead of the current dropdown list.

An option to create a snooze pattern list (like 9,7,8,6), then snoozing according to that list would be nice too. Extra bonus if it lets you choose whether to repeat pattern, or just the last number at the end of list.

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Just wanted to chime with my support for this request! For people like me that have a really hard time waking up in the mornings, there’s a big difference between 4x snooze at 7 minutes and 10 minutes. Being able to pick the snooze time down to the minute would be very helpful. The option to set your own snooze duration pattern would also be awesome.

Yeah, I absolutely need this, too. 7 Minutes snooze duration was my time before and this is really the one thing with sleep as android, that I find necessary. Please implement this.