Customize clock color (which would help dim the clock display)

From Karl on 2015/10/30 19:44:18 +0000

I like having the clock displayed during the night. Since I have the phone mounted relatively close to me on my night stand (on a DIY DroidBed-like solution), it is way too bright for my tastes.

Before finding SAA, I used Kaloer clock. I have an AMOLED screen. A dark red font made the display almost completely black, still readable, and very dim.

For now, I manage this in SAA by triggering a severe dimming of the screen with Tasker, but this method has… some quirks.

Longer term, I’m interested in some of the other clock enhancing features noted elsewhere here, but I’m suggesting only the custom color idea since it seems to be a simple, straightforward change.

If I ever save up for a smartwatch, then I can move the phone further away, etc. but for now choosing a darker (non-white!) clock color would be tremendously helpful.

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I’m also dreaming of this…