Customizable QR/NFC backup/override captcha

please enable the ability to choose the most effective captcha and number of instances needed to solve. 333 is frankly an incredibly frustrating number! i think users having the wisdom to set up hurdles to staying asleep in the first place can be trusted to make this additional decision.

i personally do not use the qr scan to force wakefulness so much as to make sure that my morning meds are in my hand as i turn off my alarm, since that is what i am scanning to turn it off. i have also previously used shampoo bottle barcodes to make sure i am in the bathroom starting the shower.

i just think it’s useful to recognize that there are multiple reasons to use a code scanner that do not have to do with wake-up aversion that might require cancelling the alarm in a way that doesn’t require spending full minutes trying to get through an extremely tedious task. please consider that this is particularly challenging/painful for people with carpal tunnel or strain injuries!

thanks :slight_smile: