Custom Bedtime Notification, Polyphasic Sleep schedules, Better Bedtime calculation

From SHIVAM SINGHANIA on 2016/03/15 05:09:52 +0000

I just started my journey of Polyphasic sleep.Sleep as Android has always been a great app (thanks!).
Some suggestions :
1)App calculates Bedtime based on ideal sleep length (6hrs) but I sleep 3 hrs twice a day. CUSTOM Bedtime notification could be great. We could set the TIME (4 AM) when we want the reminder ( and not like some minutes before calculated Bedtime ).
2)There’s a lot a graphs, so why not a pie chart ? App could help users create sleep SCHEDULES with a pie chart showing sleep cycles as found on websites related to Polyphasic Sleep. It should be created by app based on users preferences( like nap durations based on what benefits the user wants to gain). Daily sleep income could be divided into parts based on the schedule. Polyphasic sleepers would love this.
3)Bedtime based on sleep schedule would be awesome.It will also provide correct bedtime notification.

Copied from original feature request:

From Karanime on 2016/12/27 15:54:17 +0000

If nothing else from this suggestion gets implemented, custom bedtime notifications should be. I'd like to be able to set a bedtime notification 4 hours before one alarm, and 25 minutes before three other alarms. Neither of these things is possible right now. It should be really easy to implement.

I also like the idea of a pie chart to track sleep. It would be very useful.

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